3 Reasons Never to Fight Your Emotions (And Ways To Feel Them)

fight your emotions

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Feelings could be overwhelming and horrifying. You would possibly flip to varied strategies to dampen the severity of what you are feeling. Generally, you might resolve to struggle your feelings by pushing them away or denying them. Or they might feed their emotions as an alternative of additional stoking them out of proportion.

However neither of these techniques lets you take essentially the most vital step: feeling your feelings. Listed here are three causes you shouldn’t feed or struggle your feelings and methods to deal with them as an alternative.

Why You Shouldn’t Feed Or Combat Your Feelings

Practice self-awareness to keep away from doing this stuff. Listed here are three the reason why:

1.      It’s An Avoidance Tactic When You Combat Your Feelings

Each feeding and preventing your feelings are types of avoidance. And avoiding how you are feeling is rarely a great way to deal with these feelings, particularly for extra advanced or difficult conditions! It’s straightforward to know how preventing feelings find yourself being a method to keep away from them. You push these emotions away, so that you don’t should cope with them. This will take many varieties, together with:

·         Distraction

You would possibly attempt to distract your self out of your feelings by throwing your self into work, hobbies, or numerous types of media. You’ll be able to change into extremely absorbed in one thing and tire your self out via it. Within the course of, you falsely imagine that you’re being productive and suppose this is a wonderful strategy to cope.

·         Psychological Leaps

There’s no finish to the psychological jumps you might undergo to struggle your feelings by avoiding them. You would possibly try and intellectualize or rationalize your emotions, thus depriving your self of their precise nature. You would possibly persuade your self that your emotions should not legitimate and push them apart. You possibly can criticize your self for having these feelings in any respect. These kinds of psychological jumps take away you from actuality and might damage your self-esteem.

·         Imagining Escape

You would possibly struggle your feelings with avoidance by imagining an escape from them. This behavior is completely different from visualizing success, which is inherently optimistic. As a substitute, it entails changing into wholly misplaced in fantastical concepts of a strategy to be free of those feelings. For instance, you would possibly envision profitable the lottery and shifting to a distinct nation. Or you might mentally rehash arguments, time and again, imagining that you simply mentioned one thing completely different.

However what about feeding feelings? How can actively encouraging your emotions one way or the other be avoiding them? The reality is a bit of shocking! As a substitute of experiencing the validity of emotion, you wind up additional inflating it into one thing completely different. You disconnect from actuality and create a distinct, extra excessive model of occasions.

This nearly makes your emotions really feel extra justified to you. As a substitute of accepting your feelings as they’re, you stroke their hearth to make them worse. To do feed your feelings with avoidance, you would possibly:

·         Switch Accountability

To make your self really feel extra justified, you might shift accountability onto others. It’s possible you’ll think about somebody you could have a battle with to be a very evil individual. Otherwise you would possibly blame troublesome life circumstances for what is going on to you, excusing your conduct primarily based in your previous experiences. You do something to play the sufferer on this state of affairs.

·         Criticize Your self To An Excessive

It’s possible you’ll suppose again in your life and pinpoint all of the instances you’ve felt equally. You then inflate them, stating that they’re all of your fault, even after they had been exterior of your management. This leads you to imagine that you’re totally deserving of negativity. Your emotions then morph into one thing extra advanced.

·         Unhealthily Specific Your Feelings

It’s possible you’ll throw issues, storm round, or kick and scream to specific how you are feeling. These actions solely serve to make you angrier in the long term. They heighten your stress ranges and distract you from actuality.

Worse nonetheless, all types of emotional avoidance are additionally varieties of suppression. They repress the way you genuinely really feel. Research exhibits that suppressing emotions makes them a lot worse and might manifest in lots of unhealthy and dangerous methods!

2.      It Offers You Enormous Quantities Of Stress If You Combat Your Feelings

Preventing or feeding feelings each put a variety of psychological and bodily pressure on the physique. You expertise a variety of stress once you carry out these actions. Your hormones go into overdrive as you produce an increasing number of stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline.

It is because the act of denying emotions makes the physique enter a minor form of fight-or-flight mode. Your physique then focuses on survival, unable to carry out common day by day features with ease. Its complete objective is to maintain you secure – and, satirically, the one factor it’s doing is making issues worse!

Permitting your self to work together with and really feel your feelings diminishes stress. Your mind and physique be taught to deal with these experiences with a degree head, constructing emotional power within the course of.

3.      When You Combat Your Feelings, It Stops You From Transferring On

Dwelling on unhealthy issues by preventing or feeding them prevents you from shifting ahead. However that’s a part of what will get so addictive! While you struggle your feelings, there’s some type of payoff that makes you are feeling good for the time being. You would possibly really feel validated, self-righteous, or protected by your denial. Within the short-term, that may be helpful as a coping mechanism – however then it comes again to chew you.

The one strategy to transfer on from sturdy destructive feelings is by feeling them. You must get near the reality of these feelings and permit your self to expertise that realistically. It is because feeling your feelings enables you to:

·         Bear in mind Roots and Which means

While you struggle your feelings, it’s straightforward to lose sight of what issues. You get so wrapped up in what you are feeling you could’t see the forest for the bushes. You act primarily based on tiny clues of emotion and by no means get all the way down to what’s inflicting them since you’re preventing them so laborious! With out the flexibility to dig at roots, you’ll be able to’t ever transfer on from emotions.

·         Make Selections

Figuring out how you can course of, regulate, and really feel feelings really lets you make rational selections. You realize what elements of you’re pushed by emotion and react to them accordingly as an alternative of letting them subconsciously affect you. Within the well-known guide “Descartes’ Error: Emotion, Cause, and the Human Mind,” we’re reminded of this. The expert writer states that emotional context is central to sensible decision-making!

·         Be taught and Develop As a substitute Of Attempting to Combat Your Feelings

The flexibility to really feel advanced feelings lets you be taught from them and mirror on them. You’ve got the chance to be taught from each, replace your data as you go, and understand your true capabilities. In case you solely struggle your feelings, you’ll spend a lot time avoiding them, and you’ll’t be taught from what you keep away from.

How To Really feel Your Feelings

1.      Observe and Acknowledge Them

To really feel one thing, you need to acknowledge that it’s there. For this reason you have to mindfully observe and be open to the feelings and sensations you are feeling. Attempt performing these 4 steps:

·         Step 1: Pause

While you really feel a robust emotion starting to bubble, take a deep breath and pause. Don’t react – simply hit the brakes. If vital, it’s also possible to take away your self from the worrying setting for a couple of minutes.

·         Step 2: Scan Your Physique

Fastidiously observe your physique from head to toe. Together with your thoughts, scan each single a part of you in an organized method. Observe what every physique half is doing and the way it’s feeling. The place are your feelings bodily manifesting?

·         Step 3: Mindfully Word Every thing

Acknowledge and state how every a part of your physique has reacted, whether or not out loud or in your head. It’s essential to do that mindfully. Don’t choose your self or attempt to cease the best way you are feeling. Observe, notice, and allow them to cross over you.

·         Step 4: Describe And Hyperlink

Now, it’s time to affix your notes with descriptions and observations. Use your phrases to explain every sensation brazenly. Don’t apply some other tales to them apart from their direct experiences. For instance, don’t say, “My cheeks are heat as a result of my boss yelled at me.” As a substitute, say, “I’m noticing warmth in my cheeks, and I really feel small.”

2.      Know Your Go-To Feed or Combat Ways

In case you are inclined to feed or struggle your feelings, it’s important to know how this manifests. Figuring out your go-to techniques lets you acknowledge them. Preserve a watch out for these behaviors in your self and put a cease to them once you see them. Discover alternate options that may allow you to remain engaged together with your emotions whereas additionally serving to you to manage them.

Whilst you’re at it, it’s also possible to be aware of triggers that immediate these reactions from you. That approach, you could be extra conscious of when these triggers happen and know to be cautious about your responses.

3.      Specific Your Feelings Healthily

Feeling feelings takes time. You’ll should commonly observe and tune into your emotions. A method to do that is by expressing your emotions. As a substitute of feeding your feelings, conveying them positively lets you course of and mirror on how you are feeling appropriately. Listed here are some methods to do that:

·         Carry out Bodily Exercise

Bodily exercise is a wholesome strategy to work off stress and pent-up emotion. Go for a stroll, carry out a fast exercise, do some stretches, and get shifting! Keep in mind that you shouldn’t be utilizing bodily exercise to struggle your feelings or keep away from them. As a substitute, they’re a method to assist cut back the strain you are feeling as a way to regulate your feelings at a extra manageable charge. Research exhibits that train promotes higher emotional resilience!

·         Preserve A Journal

A journal is a good way to specific your innermost ideas and feelings in a judgment-free zone. You’ll be able to write completely something that involves thoughts. Later, when you’ve expressed your self, you’ll be able to look again in your writing to mirror on them. This train is a priceless instrument to cut back emotional misery and facilitate higher development by feeling your feelings.

·         Speak To Others

Expressing your self to a fortunately listening ear could be a superb strategy to course of your feelings. Simply be sure that the individual understands you’re simply venting when you don’t need any recommendation! You’ll be able to communicate to a member of the family, pal, or different trusted particular person. If that’s not potential, search out assist teams or skilled assist from a counselor or therapist.

Ultimate Ideas On Some Causes Why You Shouldn’t Feed Or Combat Your Feelings

While you feed or struggle your feelings, you do your self a disservice. You keep away from your emotions totally, which stifles your development and riddles you with stress. Studying to expertise your emotions by observing and acknowledging them, expressing them healthily, and recognizing your conduct is essential!

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